Let’s save the wildlife – Fischer’s lovebirds (Agapornis fischeri)

The brightly colored small parrot — named after Gustav Fischer — was discovered in the 19th century. Females and males are identical in appearance and do not exhibit sexual dimorphism. They have a green back, chest, and wings. The bird’s neck is golden yellow to orange color, which deepens into a deeper orange-red on its face. The lovebird’s beak is red, and the top of the head is olive green. It may also have blue or purple-colored plumage on the tail. The remainder of the body is a vibrant green.

Their beautiful plumage makes them attractive pets. Humans are responsible for the declining populations of Fischer’s lovebirds. The major decline began in the 1970s, due to widespread trapping for captivity. In 1987, the Fischer’s lovebird was the most commonly traded bird in the world. Current population numbers are estimated to be between 290,000 to 1,002,200. Even though legal trapping has been halted, the trade still exists, climate change has caused several severe winters, and unsustainable development all continue to threaten this species.

Some farmers consider the Fischer’s lovebird to be a pest. They feed on seeds, and on occasion fruits, and they can sometimes be found in agricultural areas or farmland, where they feed on crops. They are generally seen in small flocks but during feeding times their flocks can grow well into the hundreds. These high numbers can cause damage to fruit and crops, causing farmers to target them as pests.

Izvor informacija i fotografija: (https://www.awf.org)


  1. For me they are the most beautifully colored birds I know, but let it be precisely that creature that threatens them. I can assume that people find them attractive, but to pick them from the wild for that reason is really irresponsible. I assume there are plenty in captivity for breeding. By the way, I think animals in captivity are „not done“ anyway.

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