Let’s save the wildlife – Bongo (Tragelaphus eurycerus)

There are two currently recognized subspecies — the mountain or eastern bongo and the lowland or western bongo. This antelope is the largest, heaviest, and most colorful African forest antelope. It has an auburn or chestnut coat with 10 to 15 vertical whitish-yellow stripes running down its sides. Females are usually more brightly colored than males. Both males and females have spiraled lyre-shaped horns. The large ears are believed to sharpen hearing, and the distinctive coloration may help bongos identify one another in their dark forest habitats. They have no special secretion glands and so rely less on scent to find one another than do other similar antelopes. Natural predators take their toll on bongo populations.

Izvor informacija i fotografija: (https://www.awf.org/wildlife-conservation/bongo)


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